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Empire Flippers Podcast

Sep 24, 2020

If you send me a few laptops I'll wire $50,000 to your account tomorrow..."
By now we're all familiar with online scams that appeal to our emotions or a path to get rich with a "small" investment. What if Instead of ignoring or trolling scammers, there was a more wholesome way of dealing with these types of emails?
In this episode, Joe and I talk with Ben Taylor, the man behind the Youtube channel Pleasant Green, who's mission is to identify scams and find ways to help online scammers financially without having to rely on these schemes.
We'll cover what types of scams exist with online businesses, how Ben dealt with these, and how he saw that was a genuine deeper need behind these scams so he could turn these encounters into positive opportunities.
We'll also talk about a solid business that's for sale with lots of diversification in traffic and revenue sources that makes just under $50k in monthly net profit and suits people looking for a really profitable online business without the need to grow one from scratch.